Our Story

CMOH has served the community for over ten years, and much has changed since our organization first came together.

CMOH began as a partnership to resolve food insecurity during the recession in 2009. Rancho Community Church and the Orange County Rescue Mission started what would become the operation we have today.

At first, we fed 100 families in the Temecula Valley, whenever food was available. We often ran out and could not serve our community adequately. The organization moved multiple times, from building to building, until 2017. We didn’t offer housing resources until 2016, as we built up our organization and began training Case Managers.

In 2013, we gained our official title, CMOH, after Rancho Community Church took over responsibility of the mission from Orange County Rescue. This renaming gave us focus and a specific mission: to provide hope and resources to those in need from Temecula to Anza and beyond.

Currently, we feed over 500 families a month, distributing thousands of pounds of food per year, and organize an army of volunteers to fill our key roles. Besides feeding those in need, we connect people with job and housing opportunities, or help them hurdle financial difficulties. Our mission goes beyond resolving hunger, although this is still essential to what we do, for we strive to help people no matter their situation.

The homeless, hungry, and in need of work are welcome to our Temecula facility to get help. It’s our hope to connect everyone with help, whether that’s a box of food, one-on-one assistance to find housing, or communicate with outside organizations to fill the gaps.

Join our organization and help serve your community! See our volunteer opportunities, host a food drive, join the Case Manager team, Donate, and more!

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