Housing Resource Center

Helping people get back on their feet

Our Case Managers are volunteers who provide help beyond connecting people with food and hygiene items. When families or individuals have lost housing or face high rent and need access to city or county resources, our Case Managers guide them through the process to receive the help they need.

From filling out paperwork, to coordinating car rides to get someone to an important meeting, our Case Managers provide one-on-one assistance to help with whatever people need.

Our Case Managers serve in many ways:

Provide help with paperwork and documentation.

Connect people with housing, job, and government resources.

Coordinate with government and organizations to take care of specific needs like car insurance and vehicle repair.

Organize car rides, transit, and other logistics to get people where they need to be for meetings, appointments, and paperwork filing.

Connect parents with resources for their children, like clothing and food.

Assist with financial and housing issues.

From homeless and hopeless to joyful service

From homeless and hopeless to joyful service

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